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Ken Clinton
Happy New Year

Well we are off and running into another new year and we are excited about all the new things that we have in the works for this upcoming year. New boats, new accessories, new Intrepid Gear for the ship store, and even a new website!

We are also excited about the release of our new website with the new “Build-A-Boat” module that allows you to play with paint colors and to change up a few of the options. We only have a few of the models completed but we are working on the rest and as the drawings are finished they will be added to the site. We have already had some feedback from our customers and they really like it and in some cases it helped them come up with the paint scheme for their particular boat. Cool stuff!

Last…(but not least)….……I would like to congratulate my business partner Mark Beaver (Intrepids’ COO) on his 24th year here at Intrepid Powerboats. Mark officially started at Intrepid in December of 1989 and I have had the privilege and the honor of working here with him for close to 23 of those 24 years and for that I am extremely grateful. Over the years, 18-hour days, 7 days a week was the norm for the two of us as we built this company together. Because of his loyalty, dedication, knowledge, and ability to continually bring new innovation, Intrepid is, (and still becomes) a better company every day, and I look forward to another 23 years working together! Thanks for everything brother!

Miami Boat Show

Our first new boat to debut for 2014 will be the new 475 Panacea at the Miami International Boat Show next month. We built the prototype of this model and it went right to South America, so the only exposure that this new model got was from a photo shoot and the virtual tour we did just before it left. Even with only that small amount of exposure the new model has been a big hit as we have sold several since and we are really looking forward to everyone finally getting a chance to see the boat in person at the Miami Show. This one will have a full tower and upper station, so you will not be able to miss it in the convention center. She’s a big one!

With that being said, the new Panacea is taking up a pretty good size spot in our layout in the convention center, so we have decided to expand our Collins Avenue. display so between the two we will have plenty for everyone to look at. And to make it easy for everyone to see both displays, we will once again have our VIP limo escorting our customers back and forth between the two displays in order for it to be as convenient as possible.

As it stands right now we plan on having the new 475 Panacea, 400 Cuddy, 375 Walk Around, 375 Center Console and the 327 Center Console at the convention center. At the Collins Avenue display we will have the 475 Sport Yacht, 430 Sport Yacht, 400 Center Console, 327 Cuddy and 245 Center Console. Feel free to call our sales office before the show for confirmation. This will be the largest display we have ever had at the Miami Show and we look forward to seeing everyone there.


475 Panacea

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New Diving T-shirt

Once again we went to our artist Ambrus Diossy to help design a t-shirt for our divers and spear fishermen. This short sleeve t-shirt is available in multiple sizes and colors. Order yours today. Be sure to check it out along with our other Intrepid merchandise at www.intrepidpowerboatsgear.com


As always, thank you and we’ll see you on the water,

Ken Clinton

Ken Clinton
President, Intrepid Powerboats

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