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Intrepid Heads Down Under


Trade-a-boat, Australia's Best-Selling Boating Magazine.
Issue 423, Feb 1- Feb 28, 2012
When Intrepid Powerboats, the Florida-based boat builder, started receiving orders from customers in New Caledonia, located off the east coast of Australia, they knew the time was right to power up and expand their market. Intrepid boats already cruise the waters of several countries, and the year-round trade winds and rough waters around Australia and the nearby islands are the perfect market for Intrepid’s reliable, powerful and safe boat designs.
“We recently received inquiries from Australia through Facebook and our website. When we also began to receive boat orders from New Caledonia, we decided to expand our marketing to Down Under. We have enjoyed a warm welcome here and are excited about the future opportunities,” said Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats. 
With the slogan: “One of a Kind. One at a Time,” Intrepid is an entirely different brand of boat builder. Each boat is actually built one-at-a-time, customized and designed according to each customer’s unique needs and desires; from colors, fabrics and engine configurations, to extra rod lockers, seating or multi-media selections. Intrepid has no dealers, so all customers order directly from the sales office in Dania, Florida. The process is unique and creates a customer bond that lasts long after the boat reaches the water.
Another unique aspect of Intrepid is the hand-laid, uni- and multi-directional fiberglass fabrics and Kevlar construction process that makes for a lighter, stronger hull, which gives a fast, smooth and more fuel-efficient yet wave-crushing ride. The renowned Intrepid strengths translate across the entire 14 model lineup, from the 245 Center Console to the 475 Sport Yacht. Each delivers Intrepid’s incomparable yacht-class comforts, speedboat thrills and fish, dive or overnight versatility, for the perfect combination of comfort and performance.


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