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310 WA featured in LAKELAND BOATING


The brochure for Intrepid's new 310 Walkaround comes with a couple of catchy catchlines: "The logical conclusion to an emotional decision," and 'As distinctive as its owner." Indeed, even a virtual tour of this semi-custom, speedy pleasure-craft shows why Intrepid should be on the check-out list for any Great Lakes boater shopping for a cruiser.

With its fully appointed cabin and ability to do double-duty as a fishing boat, the 310 should appeal to families, said Mike Obolsky, Intrepid's senior vice president.

It's available only with outboards, and most get factory-rigged with a pair of 250-hp motors, which, according to Obolsky, easily push the boat to over 50 mph. That's fast for a 31-footer with a cabin and hardtop. And if those outboards happen to be gas-miserly four-strokes, a full load of 180 gallons is enough “to go to Mars,he said.

Vacuum-bagging and using bi- and triaxial fiberglass result in strong, light construction, Obolsky said. Plus, naval architecture that puts a step in the hull right below the helm lets the boat feel and handle like a center console.

The layout has Intrepid's signature L-shaped lounge in front of the helm, which lets passengers chat with the pilot. Ready to welcome fish aboard, the cockpit has an insulated fishbox with a macerator for easy cleanup. Dive platforms accessed through the transom door make the 310 Walkaround even more versatile.

The cabin includes a private head compartment with sink and shower. The galley has a 12-volt fridge and stainless steel sink, and the freshwater system is pressurized.

Don't waste your time looking for a local Intrepid dealer. The company only sells from its facility in Florida, where all Intrepids are customized with a long list of options.
Lakeland Boating (June 2004)

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