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Welcome to the Intrepid Owner’s Portal Forum.

To post to the forum select a discussion from the list:

You'll then be inside a discussion and can post a topic, click the New Topic button:

You will then see the Post New Topic screen. Enter your subject or title for your post and then the
content of the post, once complete, click Post:


To respond to a post, click into the discussion and post you would like to respond to and
click Post Reply:



On the Owner's Portal Forum, you can read and reply to forum posts and conversations, start discussion topics, post images and pose questions exclusively to other Intrepid owners.

“Shoutbox” is a quick and easy way to instantly message other members who are online.

In the forum itself, you can click on a particular topic and from there view discussions pertaining to that selected topic. If you would like to join in, feel free to click on “Post Reply”, or post a “Quick Reply” to remain in the loop without navigating away from the topic.Got something on your mind? Feel free to click “New Topic” and start a whole new conversation.

In the “Active Discussion” area, you will be able to view the most recently updated discussions and the user who posted last.

“Information” allows you to see who was the last member to post on the forum and who the newest member of the Intrepid family is.

“Search” allows you to look for specific members and the posts they have made, or even search for key words in posts that interest you.

If you click on “Member”, you can search for other members by designating their Name, Role, Rank and Number of Posts.

By clicking on “My Profile” you will be able to access the messenger feature, which allows you to correspond directly with other members. It also allows you to view and edit your profile, buddies and photo albums.

“My Inbox” is where you will find any messages that have been sent to you directly from other Intrepid owners.

“My Buddies” will show the members that you have connected with.  “Pending Requests” is where you will find members who have requested to be your buddy, and “Your Requests” will show what members you have requested to become your buddy.

“My Topics” will allow you to see active discussions and topics that you have designated as your favorites.


If you wish to change the time zone or to edit your profile please follow the steps below:

Once you have clicked my profile, on the left hand side click "edit profile"


 In here you can edit your profile information. If you wish to change your time zone please scroll down to the "time zone" area and select what your local time is.


To receive emailed notifications regarding your activity in the forum

click My Profile:

Choose Email Notifications from the list of options in the Control Panel:

Here you can customize your email notifications:



Enjoy using our forum and exploring one of the many benefits to being an Intrepid Owner!