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Standard Fuel: 396 Gallons | Beam: 12' 0" | Length: 39' 8" | Water: 60 Gallons


This sport yacht takes to the water with a swagger that could even be mistaken for audacity. The  Intrepid 390 Sport Yacht is much more than fierce, it boasts all of Intrepid’s hallmark innovations. Outboard engines give you the extra space, along with low cost reliability – not to mention the zip, the convenience and the quiet ride. Engine noise and vibration are dramatically reduced, and you never have to deal with the smoke and fuel odor with outboard motors.

As your sport yacht passengers relax in the salon-like atmosphere of our signature lounge seating, the sure-footed quickness and precision handling inspires absolute calm and unruffled confidence.The triple outboards power your 390 Intrepid smoothly up on plane thanks to the aerodynamically designed cockpit, and optional fiberglass top, which bring engine and wind noise down to a quiet whisper that your passengers will appreciate.

The handling of the Intrepid 390 Sport Yacht for sale is precise, the ride is smooth, quiet and dry – at speeds up to 60 mph – that you’ll captain with ease, regardless of the speed.


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